All of us enjoy watching our small piece of the ocean thrive. Watching our reef makes us feel good and there is evidence that actually lowers blood pression and also reduces stress. Research has also found that people who spend time in aquariums could improve their physical and mental wellbeing. We feel more relaxed and happier after watching our tank with more corals - in other words with more biodiversity.

I am sure you've noticed when they blue lights are on and your corals are glowing, how happy you feel watching over the top the beautiful Giant Bali Xenia pulsating or the amazing Weeping Willow Toadstool

waving their long polyps.

A study has suggested that people relaxed, even watching an empty tank, so do you imagine the benefits as you introduced more Soft Corals into your living artistic canvas?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 300-gallon reef aquarium or a 1-gallon pico-tank on your house or your office desk. The health benefits are still the same.

So there you have it. At Marine Farmers you'll find a variety of corals that will catch you attention. Is our wish that you find something that will make your reef perfect!

Happy Reefing!

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Photosynthetic gorgonians are rapidly becoming very popular in the reef hobby. These breed of soft corals are hardy and with a just little care, will last for years in your home aquarium.

The gorgonians are a perfect addition to any reef system, they come in a few different colors; from purple to cream to yellow. One of our favorite of all the photosynthetic gorgonians is definitely the Tracy Morgan Gorgonian (named after their most celebrated owner, Tracy Morgan)


These gorgonians with tree like appearance need moderate light. In order to prevent algae and cyanobacteria growth, it is important that this gorgonians are provided with a medium to strong flow, this will make them sway and keep them clean of waste or detritus.


These gorgonians are photosynthetic and they are much hardier. At the farm our gorgonians are fed twice a week with filter feeding food.


Marine Farmers tank raised soft corals are grown and aquacultured on location so these gorgonians will grow and thrive at their best when you compared them with their wild counterparts.

In regards to fragging gorgonians are one of the best candidates for propagation, just get a pair of scissors, and start cutting pieces from the mother colony. Place the small cuttings on some substrate or rubble, they will attach on their own, in a few days frags will be attached to rubble and can be glued to larger rock or plugs. You can also accomplish the same thing by anchoring the frags between 2 rocks and using rubber band to secure the frags.


As the fall is ending and the winter is approaching, reminding us that is time to celebrate and enjoy our reef. From toadstools to LPS to mushrooms, Marine Farmers has you covered for all your need for your beautiful reef.

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The Capnella sp. (aka Kenya Tree) is hardy soft coral that it does well in many reef systems and it is an excellent choice for beginners. Due to similar appearance on the structure, the Capnella sp. is is oftern mistaken as a SPS coral.

Probably the most beatiful Capnella that I have observed and collected is the one showing below. The neon green capnella is one if is not the best of this type of soft coral. I have seen different colors like pale brown or light blue (stalk) but this Kenya Tree definitely is the winner.


The Green Capnella is an easy soft coral to take care in the aquarium. Moderate/strong flow and light will be sufficient for this type of coral.

The capnella sp grows in nature on reef slopes where is exposed to stronger currents , so replicating the natural habitat in reef aquarium will be ideal.


Marine Farmers tank raised soft corals are grown and aquacultured on location so these corals will grow and thrive at their best when you compared them with wild soft corals.

The common brown Kenny tree are well known for being self fragging machines, the branches would simply fall off and reattach themselves randomly like a forest. For the green or blue Capnella sp. you can use sharp razor blade. Just slice the piece you want off and drop it in small container with some rubble rock and place it in a low flow area of your reef and it will attach itself within a few days. After that you can glue it to their permanent place in your aquarium.


The Capenall sp. don't required feeding since they contain photosynthetic algae. The zooxanthellae provides the corals with the essential nutrients but supplemental feedings of phytoplankton is also recommended.


Capnella sp. corals are easy to care for and a great addition to any reef tank.

If you have already added Kenya trees to your reef with good results, you can go ahead and try adding the Palau Nepthea or Green Sympodium as they are also hardy soft coral species with similar care requirements. Just make sure you provide them with good amount of space in you reef to grow.

Happy Reefing!

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