The Best Corals for Beginners Under $50

After your tank is properly cycled and you are ready to bring live and movement to your reef, there are a few beautiful corals you can add to quickly to start enjoying your aquarium.

Marine Farmers Corals for Beginners is where you’ll find a wonderful selection of popular reef corals in one convenient spot plus these corals are proven to be hardy inexpensive corals.

Today, I am reviewing 10 different beginners corals that you can buy for under $50

Soft Corals - Leathers

These corals are the best choices for your tank’s centerpiece. Toadstools, Capnella, Cabagge, Sinularia will add movement to your reef. Leathers are great starter corals, being adaptable to moderate light and turbulent water flow. They do not have a calcified skeleton making them a little more tolerant of some water parameter like calcium. The leather corals contain zooxanthellae inside their body, they will be able to get most of their required nutrients through the tank lighting.

Mushroom Corals

This is a bulletproof coral. It’s very hardy and easy to care for.

The mushrooms can adapt on any light and flow condition and they can also be fed which will accelerate their grow. Some varieties are very colorful and highly desirable

This corals can be propagated easily. All you need is razor blade to cut the center of the mushroom and place them in a cutting tray filled with ruble rock. When the pieces attach to rock then you can glue them into a frag plug and move them to any location on your reef.


Aquacultured Xenia, is much hardier than wild species. For that reason Marine Farmers only offers tank raised xenias. Some xennidae have the ability to "pulse" or push water away from the colony in a constant, pulsing motion. Other xenias lack the rapid pulsing motion but they have unusual color form which make them desirables for the reef tanks, like the Red Sea Pulsing Xenia or the Purple Cespitualaria sp.

Start Polyps

Beautiful, cheap and hardy. The green start polyps is an incrusting species that will create an awesome background on you reef aquarium if you attach it to the glass.

Green Star polyps are also known as Startburst Polyps. Is one of the most popular soft corals within the reef keeping hobby.


They are also known as zoas for most reefers. Zoanthids aver very unique and they come on wide variety of colors combinations like the Rastas zoas. These zoas are easy to keep ang great choice for the beginner reef aquarium.

Reefers become addicted with collecting of different color morphs with just as many crazy names to illustrate them. Many will create amazing zoanthids Island by growing several types of zoas and palythoa on a large rock and placing it as an island on their sand bed.

Zoanthids will grow and reproduce by budding.


These Large Stony Coral (LPS) is very tolerant of all kinds of environments.

This coral is peaceful and does well on any reef aquariums. They are great choice to add colors to the low areas of your reef. Feeding small fish pellets or brine shrimp will increase grow on this coral.

Single polyps will grow more heads around creating a beautiful central stalk.

The Duncan coral is a deep water specie that is popular because a low to moderate lighting is all that is needed to maintain the awesome and easy to care coral.

Marine Farmers is currently growing two types: one is the green specie and the Alien Duncan pictured below.

Alien Duncan (AKA Whisker Coral)

Clove Polyps

Clavularia is specie of a Soft Coral that forms a colony of many individuals polyps connected together.

The clove polyps come in an incredible color combinations, like neon yellow, orange and fluorescent green. Some other common names for the Clavularia are Palm Tree Polyps, Eight Tentacle Polyps and Fern Polyps. This coral is good for either beginners or experts in the hobby depending on what they are looking to accomplish. It is a good filler for empty spaces in your aquarium. If you want to keep them under control, you can place them on a isolated rock away from the rest of you rock structure and soon the coral will grow into a beautiful colony.

Propagation is accomplished by cutting a few polyps from the colony and glue them to their final destination.

Trumpet Coral

Also known as Candy Canes are easy and very tolerant of polluted water which make them a good choice for beginners. There are a few popular color morphs or trumpet coral varieties available online. The most common are green, neon, purple and brown with green center.

It is always a good idea to place them in relatively lower light intensity and gradually increase the intensity over time. Feeding will increase their grow rate. At Marine Farmers we use small fish pellets to target feed them when lights are out and tentacles are hungry and looking for food.