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Soft Coral Rarity - Stereonephthya

Stereonepthyas are among some of the reef's most exotics corals, and the Mulberry is a rare species of stereo. The name of this beautiful rare soft coral comes from the purple polyps part of the coral.

There are, of course, several types of Stereonepthyas with different colors combinations like the Yellow with purple polyps also known as Pink Lemonade Stereonepthya.

Stereos are easy to keep in the aquarium but they are slow growers when compared to the most common soft corals. They seems to do better under medium random flow which allows them to catch more food. A random flow will provide the right type of flow. Moderate intensity ensures that you that the delicate polyps of the will be fully extended.

The Stereonepthyas coral gets some of its nutritional needs by absorbing nutrients from the water as well as by capturing tiny plankton. Feeding this coral with fresh phytoplankton should boost growth.

They are very lenient on the light levels. At Marine Farmers we keep the colonies between 100-150 PAR

Some species of stereo are in fact NPS. At Marine Farmers we only grow photosynthetic species of Stereonephthyas. Our colonies are about 4-5 inches tall with branches growing from the base.

We have four color varieties of the photosynthetic Stereonephthya aquaculture by us and we occasionally offered them on our website, a light purplish one with lavender polyps, a yellow one with purple polyps, a white one with bright purple polyps and an white one with bright orange polyps.

The Stereonepthyas can be fragged easily with a sharp blade, by simply cutting a branch off and then placing the limb on small container with rubble rock. In a few days, the cut branch will attach itself to the rock or rubble and start growing by itself and then the frag can be moved it to their final location in your reef.

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