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Leather sarcophyton soft coral live front view.
Solomon Sarcophyton

Everyone has a different story as to how their reef hobby became an addiction. Mine started back in 1995 when after being able to keep saltwater fish healthy, I wanted to give it a try and see if I could keep soft corals alive too! These are some of the soft corals I started with: brown Kenya tree, star polyps and the beautiful pulsing xenia. After a while the soft corals began to thrive, once I saw how fast they grew I began to look into soft coral propagation. I was so interested in all the different soft corals because of the wide variety of shapes, beautiful colors and the movement they add to the saltwater aquarium.

My first propagation setup experience was with plastic under the bed containers on a rack with a regular fresh water filter full of carbon and using cheap fluorescent bulbs. What a start! right?

I started my propagation venture with a single xenia. Back then xenias were very rare to get, due to their poor survival rate during shipment. I soon started to offer them to my local aquarium stores and trade them for other soft corals. That is when I began to collect different soft corals species. Throughout the years we have been able to obtain some of the best and rarest soft corals available in the hobby. Our passion shows in the quality of the frags, this is why we only propagate those species which are most sustainable to the home aquarium.

Soft corals are a great choice not only for the new hobbyist but for pros as well looking for a great saltwater aquarium display more forgiving and easier to care for. Soft corals were very rare to find few years back but lately, there is a lot interest in soft corals. There is a great demand for colorful mushroom, deep water toadstools and japanese nepthea to named a few of the most desired soft corals in the hobby. So if you are a softy lover please join us, step inside our website and you’ll enter a true reefer's paradise.

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